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Our Energy Auditors aim to provide our clients with detailed survey results, risk mitigation analysis, implementation plans, and a final investment-grade analysis.

We undertake energy efficiency assessments of commercial and industrial facility’s energy systems and our audits cover building occupancy, operations, maintenance, and code compliance.


HandZ Commissioning Autorithy ensures that systems are designed, installed, functionally tested and able to operate as the owner intended and that building and/or staff are trained to operate and maintain them. Our experts also restore existing systems to high productivity through upgrade and tune-up of existing systems.


A secure energy system is of critical importance to modern societies. Electricity, gas and oil are not only needed for our day-to-day activities, but also allow other critical infrastructure to function, notably transport, telecommunications, healthcare, finance and defence. The energy system has a number of particularities that necessitate a specialised sectoral approach to improve energy efficiency and cybersecurity.

Our measures include energy audit, commissioning and retro-commissioning, regular updating of systems, strong authentication protocols, encryption of communications, private networks that are not connected to the internet, physical protection of networks, security procedures and regular security audits, and training of staff to raise awareness of the risks. 

With blockchain and distributed ledger technology, we can open up the funding process for your business and create smarter, more effective facilities.

We are Internationals Experts who are not afraid to challenge and innovate. We go further than advising, we see things through to delivery and help you to take action.

We take a collaborative approach with you and look beyond simply mitigating risk to understand your business objectives and assist you to solve the problems and create competitive solutions.


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